Research Group Pich

Functional and Interactive Polymers

Andrij Pich’s group has expertise in chemical design of functional water-soluble and amphiphilic polymers and polymer colloids with controlled chemical structure, architecture and morphology. The group has experience in synthesis of functional molecular building blocks such as monomers, macromonomers and prepolymers for controlled design of polymers and colloids via polymerization reactions in homogeneous or heterophase systems, by precipitation polymerization and microfluidic reaction technology. A special focus is on synthesis of reactive polymers, responsive nanogels, multicompartment and biohybrid particles for development of adaptive catalysts, bio-based flame-retardant additives, stimuli-responsive colloidal carriers and bioactive coatings.

Member of the Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. Andrij Pich

+49 241 80-23310
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