It is especially important to the DWI scientists that their research concretely benefits people. Against this backdrop, the DWI – Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials combines fundamental research together with precompetitive application-oriented research.

DWI understands transfer as the exchange between science and the non-academic world. This can take the form of both knowledge transfer and technology transfer.

Successful knowledge transfer involves the translation of scientific findings for specific target groups in a quality-assured manner. Conversely, it leads to the integration of socially relevant issues into the research projects of our institute. In addition, we work in close contact with partners from industry to find solutions for a wide range of problems. Improving technologies developed at our institute and thus transferring them to industry is therefore part of DWI's overall strategy.

Transfer thus encompasses all activities that convey knowledge, competencies and resources generated by research. We want to significantly strengthen the exchange between science and society as well as science and industry.

Technology transfer


FURTHRresearch is a spin-off of DWI and Aachener Verfahrenstechnik (AVT). The idea for a versatile software for research data management was born in 2012 during the doctoral studies of founder and managing director Daniel Menne and was transferred into a spin-off in 2017.

Efficient and reliable research and development (R&D) is essential to solve the global challenges of climate change, water supply and health care and to develop new products and processes. The speed at which researchers can achieve scientific breakthroughs will increase exponentially through the development and implementation of novel machine learning algorithms. The most important prerequisite for this is the provision of complete, reusable research data sets. FURTHRresearch’s mission is to contribute to this sustainable R&D by efficient data processing, storage and documentation and to make data processing in research simple, reliable and transparent. The use of the software FURTHRmind supports the researchers to manage research data according to the FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) principle and to ensure the longevity of the data. Besides the generic software FURTHRmind the company offers individual solutions for its customers.

  • Applications: Tailor-made applications for the software FURTHRmind allow standard analyses to be carried out quickly.
  • Consulting on research data management: FURTHRresearch advises its customers on all aspects of research data management.  The introduction of the software is always accompanied by individual training.
  • Change management consultant: FURTHRresearch acts as a change agent  for customers who implement far-reaching change processes in the area of research data management.

The team consists of experienced researchers, engineers and developers. FURTHRreserach is convinced that the availability of reusable data will be of central relevance in times of AI-supported research and development. With this knowledge they provide solutions for research data management in almost all research areas.

Together with DWI, FURTHRreserach is continuously developing the software FURTHRmind and provides DWI with an advanced customized software solution to master interdisciplinary research on complex interactive materials efficiently and excellently.