Organisational Culture

As a research institute, the DWI takes on the challenge of surpassing disciplinary limits and tackling new questions relating to substances and materials that combine technology and nature. It is a location in which people with different talents, experiences and skills work together, in order to learn from one another and generate new knowledge and new methods for a better life in our world.

In order to be able to overcome this challenge, experts from different disciplines must work together closely. That is why researchers of biotechnology, chemistry, physics and process technology work together on research projects on a project-by-project basis. The interdisciplinary nature shapes the organizational culture and all dimensions of diversity. Openness, tolerance, respect and equal opportunities are self-evident and essential foundations in this regard.

Ensuring scientific excellence and sustainability of research is part of our organisational culture. Professional and methodical standards, transparency and integrity in leadership and collegial cooperation are characteristic of this. In this way, we act and work in accordance with the Code of Conduct "Guiding Principles of our Actions in the Leibniz Association". These guiding principles are a fundamental building block in the area of Leibniz integrity. They represent a voluntary commitment of the Association and its members. They are supplemented and concretized by further guidelines and standards of the Leibniz Association, which support the development of strategy and the implementation of the guiding principles in DWI's daily work.

Diversity Charter

charta der vielfalt

DWI has signed the Diversity Charter and is actively promoting diversity in the world of work. The DWI creates a barrier-free and unprejudiced working environment in which all employees can develop to their full potential.

All members of the Institute experience appreciation, regardless of gender, age, disability, nationality, origin, sexual orientation and identity, religion or ideology. The DWI enables an inclusive working environment in which acceptance and mutual trust are part of the institute's culture.