Garg Foundation

The Garg Foundation was established in 1994 by Dr. Om Prakash Garg in honour of his parents Basant Kumari Devi and Chakkanlal Garg and his supervisor Prof. Dr. Helmut Zahn. The foundation awards scholarships to (mainly) foreign students and PhD students as well as visiting scientists. Each year, the foundation supports a number of young, highly talented and dedicated students.

The Garg fellows belong to one of these four categories:

  • Young scientists starting their PhD studies at the DWI, especially young scientists from countries outside Germany

  • PhD students from the DWI doing parts of their PhD studies in another country

  • Master students from countries other than Germany doing a research project at the DWI


for applicants Claudia Mohr

Garg im Profil

About Om Prakash Garg

Om Prakash Garg, who died on September 7, 2021, was born in India in 1930. He later moved to Germany. Here he studied chemistry in Aachen and Heidelberg, financing his studies with several part-time jobs. During his studies, he met protein chemist Prof. Dr. Helmut Zahn, the first director of the German Wool Research Institute. Zahn became his mentor, supported and financed his PhD project at the German Wool Research Institute. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Om Prakash Garg worked in the chemical industry for several years before starting his own business selling gift items and becoming a very successful businessman. 

Until his old age, it was an important concern for him to support young talents from all over the world. Since the establishment of his foundation, it has been possible to support over a hundred young people from all over the world who are starting their doctoral thesis or a research project at the DWI.