Polyampholyte microgels

Polyampholyte microgels for stimuli-responsive assembly (SFB 985 A3)

The project will focus on the colloidal superstructures designed from polyampholyte and temperature-responsive aqueous microgels. The aim is to learn how single microgels will behave within the supracolloidal network in order to understand the macroscopic properties of such systems. This is pivotal to achieve the possibility to tailor on the properties of the colloidal superstructure on demand. The experimental work will focus on the fabrication of supracolloidal structures by microgel assembly in solution and emulsion droplets. The characterization of their structure and properties will be carried out by means of different techniques (light, X-ray and neutron scattering, confocal, cryo-transmission electron microscopy) and further supported by computer simulations.

Project Management: DFG (German Research Foundation)

Funding reference number: SFB 985 A3

Associated Scientist, Moscow State University

Prof. Dr. Igor Potemkin

+49 241 80-23308
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PhD student

Hannah F. Mathews (née Blasius), M.Sc

+49 241 80-23388
A 3.04
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