Prof. Dr. Igor Potemkin
+49 241 80-23308
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Associated Scientist, Moscow State University

Prof. Dr. Igor Potemkin

Physics, Theory and Simulations
Research interest

The main activity of the group of Prof. Dr. Igor I. Potemkin is concentrated on theoretical studies and computer simulations of self-organization of polymers into complex structures. These studies are conducted in close cooperation with experimental groups of the DWI. In addition to polymers of “simple” primary structure (like linear block copolymers), more complex architectures (arborescent, comb-, gel-like, etc.) and sequences of monomer units (gradient) are studied. Investigations are focused on effects of micelle and gel formation in solutions, microphase segregation in concentrated solutions, melts and thin films.  Statistical physics of polyelectrolyte solutions and interpolyelectrolyte complexes is of the particular interest for the group. Special attention is paid to the study of interactions of polyelectrolyte nano- and microgels of various structures with oppositely charged polyelectrolytes. Low-molecular-weight ionic liquids, liquid-crystalline polymers and polymer based molecular motors are also studied.