Research Group De Laporte

Advanced Materials for Biomedicine

The group of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laura De Laporte designs biomaterial systems for Advance Medical Systems in the field of Tissue Engineering. Cellular guidance is essential for life in multicellularity but it remains challenging to build biomaterial constructs with a native-like extracellular matrix structure and architecture, including spatiotemporal control over bio-functional domains and mechanical gradients. To study cellular processes involved in tissue formation and diseases, we apply polymeric molecular and nano- to micron-scale building blocks to assemble into soft 3D biomimetic constructs in a bottom-up manner. Hydrogels are designed with structural variations on different length scales, while the time scales have to be accounted for due to alterations upon the interaction with living cells. A better understanding of cellular processes depending on the properties and dynamics of synthetic biomaterials supplies information about the material parameters, which are most important to grow viable and functional regenerative materials for clinical use and ex vivo tissue models.

Member of the Scientific Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laura De Laporte

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