Controlled Organoids transplantation as enabler for regenerative medicine translation

Organ 3D printing for liver regenerative medicine

Liver diseases account for 2 million deaths worldwide every year. While liver transplantation is the most effective way to restore normal functions for various diseases including acute liver failure or liver malignancies, less than 10 % of global transplantation needs are currently met. This EU-funded ORGANTRANS project aims to replace liver transplantation for end-stage liver failure patients through the development of a liver tissue 3D printing platform. The project will cover the entire development cycle from cell source and tissue engineering through the trials allowing for early adoption of its results in clinical practice. Importantly, this research will create novel technologies that can be applied to other organ systems in regenerative medicine.

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Member of the Scientific Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laura De Laporte

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PhD student

Daniel Günther, M.Sc.

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