Student Research Project: Fabrication of biodegradable microgels based on pectin with antimicrobial properties

Working group: RG Pich

- Only for students who are required to complete a mandatory internship during their studies -

The RG Pich is investigating novel materials based on bio-based polymers such as polysaccharides. Sugar beet pectin is a byproduct of sugar extraction from sugar beets and is a versatile polysaccharide due to its complex macromolecular structure. This project aims to fabricate and characterize pectin microgels with a novel cross-linking route via microfluidics, which are fully biocompatible and biodegradable. This is especially important for its application in plant protection.

Your tasks and responsibilities:
You will be responsible for the fabrication of pectin microgels and the full characterization of this novel material by investigating the size, swelling degree, stiffness, and degradation properties. The microgels will be synthesized by droplet-based microfluidics, which is an innovative tool to precisely control the size and resulting properties of the microgels.

Your profile

  • You are studying chemistry or a related field.
  • You are motivated and interested to work on a new topic.
  • You already have previous experience in the laboratory.
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Selin Bulut, M.Sc.

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