Research Group Chigrin

Theory of complex materials

The research group “Theory of complex materials” focuses on the investigation of complex artificial materials and systems. The complexity manifests itself in a nontrivial character of interactions among system building elements leading to the emergence of novel physical properties and behaviors. Theoretical description of multi-scale and multi-physics phenomena requires development of appropriate theoretical, analytical and numerical methodologies. In our research group, numerical and analytical methods are developed, which self-consistently couple multi-physical aspects of non-trivial material response. These include development of linear and non-linear electrodynamics, heat transfer, mass transfers, elastodynamics, carrier transport and phase transition models as well as their numerical implementation. Studied topics include, but not limited to, problems of light matter interaction in micro- and nano-structures, optically controlled polymer based micro-robotic systems and reconfigurable meta-materials.

Heisenberg Fellow

PD Dr. Dmitry Chigrin

+49 241 80-23153
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