Graphene-enabled active terahertz photonics

Graphene is a unique nonlinear material for tunable plasmonic applications at terahertz and far infra-red frequencies. Though sources and detectors for terahertz radiation are now available, many passive and active components are missing, therefore the full potential of the terahertz region cannot be exploited. Within this research focus area, the nonlinear electromagnetic response of graphene and graphene based meta-materials are studied with a purpose to design tunable active optical components for terahertz spectral range. These research activities extend the understanding of the interplay between electromagnetic and electric properties of graphene with the goal of enabling graphene applications in terahertz photonics and optoelectronics. In particular, a phenomenological semi-classical Boltzmann model of graphene carrier transport are developed within a hydrodynamics approach in order to provide a comprehensive numerical tool enabling a systematic study of non-linear electromagnetic phenomena in graphene-based nano-structures in the terahertz spectral band. Successful realisation of the project goals will allow to design and develop novel graphene based linear and especially non-linear terahertz optoelectronic devices.

Heisenberg Fellow

PD Dr. Dmitry Chigrin

+49 241 80-23153
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