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Heisenberg Fellow

PD Dr. Dmitry Chigrin

Theory of complex materials
Research interest

PD Dr. Chigrin is an internationally recognized expert on different aspects of theoretical and computational physics of complex artificial systems. In particular PD Dr. Chigrin provides expertise in:

  • the development of theoretical and numerical models of phase transition in Ge-Sb-Te phase change materials with applications for local switching of optical meta-surfaces and meta-materials; coupling of phase field models with thermal and electromagnetic solvers; design of reconfigurable meta-materials
  • the non-equilibrium thermodynamics and elastodynamics of complex polymer networks, dynamic polymer networks and plasmonic nanoparticle  polymer network composites; theoretical and numerical models of diffusion in porous media; applications to theoretical description of hydrogels; design and multi-physics simulations of hydrogel based micro-robotic systems
  • the theoretical and numerical study of plasmon-polaritonic nano-structures; multi-physical description of photothermal and photoacoustic phenomena; applications to photoacoustic imaging; development of theoretical multi-physics description of nanoparticle synthesis in hydrogel matrix; applications to photocatalysis.

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