Prof. Dr. Walter Richtering
+49 241 80-94760
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Assoziierter Wissenschaftler, RWTH Aachen

Prof. Dr. Walter Richtering

Physikalische Chemie

The research of W. Richtering is concerned with experimental physical chemistry of soft matter. Structure and dynamics of macromolecular and colloidal systems are studied in a broad range of length and time scales. We investigate various systems including, e.g., microgels, nanoparticles, bio-colloids, hydrogels, polyelectrolytes, vesicles and emulsions.

Various experimental techniques are employed with a particular focus on scattering, i.e., light Scattering: static, dynamic and 3D-cross-correlation as well as Small Angle X-ray & Neutron Scattering, SAXS, SANS.