Abdolrahman Omidinia Anarkoli
+49 241 80-23183
B 3.56
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Dr.-Ing Abdolrahman Omidinia Anarkoli

Research interest

Dr.-Ing. Omidinia develops and employs various fabrication methodologies including 3D bioprinting, fiber spinning, and milli-fluidics to make 3D hierarchical tissue engineering constructs. His research interests lie in the area of engineered tissues with biomimetic architectures for their use as in vitro tissue models and in vivo regenerative biomaterials. To this end, he designs and fabricates scaffolds, which can be delivered inside the body in a minimally invasive manner and are responsive to external stimuli (i.e. magnetic field) to create anisotropic microenvironments similar to native tissues, such as muscle, tendon, or the spinal cord.

Abdolrahman Omidiania-Anarkoli is part of the RG De Laporte.