Anti-adhesive wound dressings

Multifunctional antiadhesive coating for textile wound dressings to treat chroninc wounds

Chronic wounds are usually a side effect of a basic systemic disease and represent a considerable medical and socio-economic problem. However, wound dressings that stimulate the biological processes of healing or counteract negative factors are still missing. The project aims to apply anti-adhesive and functional coatings to standard wound dressings, which will be further improved by functional, polymeric building blocks that actively support the wound healing process. The development will support SMEs that produce wound dressings and companies that supply them. The coating envisaged here can also be used for other textile medical devices (eg. hernia meshes).

IGF Research Project 19893 N

Summary of results

Associate scientist

Prof. Dr. César Rodriguez-Emmenegger

+49 241 80-23362
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PhD student

Manuela Rosario Garay Sarmiento, M.Sc.

+49 241 80-23367
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