The EXIST Business Start-up Grant

Desalination is not only about producing freshwater, but also about recovering valuable salts. Salt recovery continues to grow in importance and necessity as resources become more constrained. Amovion aims to close the material cycles of salt and water through flow-electrode capacitive deionization (FCDI). FCDI is an innovative electrochemical technology for ion-water separation with high water recovery rate and can be fully operated on renewable energy.  Because our process moves ions instead of water, it is fouling- and scaling-resistant even at high salt content, and it is so far the only technology proven to achieve high concentration ratio and ion selectivity in a single step. The patented technology has been demonstrated on a wide range of salts (e.g. chloride, nitrate, lithium) and salinities, and has been successfully tested in various applications, from water purification, salt metathesis, to salt recycling. Amovion's versatile modules enable simultaneous, continuous, and selective salt removal and reconcentration. 

Project Leader

Dr. Christian Linnartz

+49 241 80-29974
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