UO tube fabrication

New coating methods for the production of tailor-made acid-resistant reverse osmosis tubular membrane modules for the treatment of particle-loaded process water

The aim of the project is the production of acid-resistant tubular reverse osmosis membranes for the treatment of particle-containing process water using novel coating and manufacturing processes for polymeric and ceramic tubular membranes - the coating is applied by generative nanofabrication and interfacial polymerisation. The new tubular membranes are intended to enable the production of a salt-free and particle-free water filtrate in a single process step. By developing acid-resistant UO tubular membranes, acidic and particle-containing process water from surface treatment can be directly treated and reused.Small and medium process water streams (up to 10 m³/h) are currently treated in a complex way in waste water treatment and are so far lost for industrial water recycling.