Permanently Hydrophilic PVDF (Hollow) Fibers

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is one of the most popular polymers for membrane fabrication and medical fibers. PVDF is an excellent polymeric material because of its outstanding chemical, mechanical and thermal stability. However, PVDF membranes and medical fibers designed for applications in aqueous environment suffer from the hydrophobic nature of PVDF.

Our PVDF membranes and medical fibers are prepared by non-solvent induced phase separation (NIPS). The hydrophilization concept relies on a one-step blending technique, using tailor-made amphiphilic polymers with a palm-tree architecture. These additives induce surface hydrophilicity via segregation of the hydrophilic segment to the PVDF/non-solvent interface during phase separation.

IGF Research Project 19141 N

PhD student

Maik Tepper, M. Sc.

+49 241 80-47886
A-132 (NGP²)
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Project Leader

Dr. Jens Köhler

+49 241 80-26438
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