Functional zinc peroxide coatings for antibacterial air filter systems (20897 N)

Clean air is essential for human health, a clean environment and many technological processes. Previously developed air filters ensure high efficiency, even against the smallest particles (d < 1µm), but many of these filter systems are susceptible to microbial infestation. The aim of this project is to develop new technologies for coating air filters that are resistant to bacterial attack. The development of environmentally friendly antibacterial additives, which can be easily applied to already developed commercial air filters, will be the focus of the research. This should ensure a sustainable and long-lasting growth inhibition of bacteria and pathogens in air filter systems. Within the scope of this project, zinc peroxide (ZnOO) particles will be used as antibacterial agents for the modification of commercial air filters. Both the size and the surface functions (vinyl-, amine-groups) of the ZnOO particles should be tailor-made and they should be available as colloidally stable aqueous dispersions. In order to be able to bind the particles covalently on the fibres of commercial polyester-based air filters, the fibres must be activated by means of functional groups (epoxides, vinyl sulfonates). Subsequently, the ZnOO particles can be applied to the fibres by means of dip-coating processes, followed by their immobilisation by conjugation of the complementary reactive groups. With the development of a new and simple technology, as in the present case, it is intended to show SMEs, using the example of the antimicrobial finishing of filter materials, how surfaces can be equipped according to their needs in order to prepare them optimally for their particular application. This innovative process and the development of new products will enable German SMEs to stand out from the competition.

Project Management: German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF)

Funding reference number: IGF Research Project 20897 N

Summary of results

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