Fabian Wiertz
+49 241 80-23377
38C 251
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PhD student

M.Sc. Fabian Wiertz

Research interest

Fabian works on the development of ultrasound-responsive systems that can be used for tissue engineering. For this purpose, DNA-based nanostructures could be used, as these can be easily modified with DNA aptamers for efficient binding of any desired drug and allow the release through sonication. The loading of the structures with growth factors could thus enable, for example, controlled cell growth depending on the sonication conditions. One application is in the TriggerInk project, which aims to recreate cartilage tissue using 4D printing.

Another research focus is the development of an ultrasound-responsive system that can be programmed in cells. Using included aptamer structures, biological events could be influenced in dependence on the sonication without the external addition of drugs and thus be used, for example, for the treatment of genetic diseases.

Fabian Wiertz is part of the RG Herrmann.