Girls Day: More Women in Chemistry!


The DWI's Girls Day, which takes place today, introduces girls to the discipline of chemistry and the working field of a chemical laboratory assistant: this time digitally, young girls are invited to get to know chemical processes and work in the laboratory. In various experiments chemistry laboratory assistant Claudia Formen and her team give the girls an insight into the production of medicine and they show them how to make salt crystals grow and how to gild coins. The girls are guided through the experiments step by step.

The goal of this event is to raise the girls' interest in training or studying in this field. “I want to show young girls how great my job is and to take away any fears”, Claudia Formen says. She is also a training supervisor and has worked in this profession for 37 years.

Ten interested young girls between 12 and 14 years are committed to the challenges and may soon become the next generation of DWI-talents.

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