Dr. Robert Göstl is a member of the editorial board of the new technical journal ACS Polymers Au


Robert Göstl is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the newly launched gold open access scientific journal ACS Polymers Au of the American Chemical Society (ACS). "Au" here refers to the element symbol for gold.

The articles and publications of this journal are devoted to fundamental and applied research of various aspects of polymer and biopolymer sciences and their related cross-cutting areas. To this end, it joins the thematic complexes of its sister journals Macromolecules, ACS Macro Letters and Biomacromolecules.

Together with ACS Polymers Au, ACS has published a total of nine new Gold Open Access Journals in 2021, each focusing on specific areas of chemistry. Thus, in addition to the journal to which Robert Göstl contributes, there are also issues for the fields of chemical engineering (ACS Engineering Au) and nanoscience (ACS Nanoscience Au), among others. These Gold Open Access Journals offer scientists the opportunity to publish their work as authors in Plan S-compliant pure Open Access publications, while maintaining the stringent quality control and editorial process of the ACS Journals as usual.

As an expert in the field of polymer mechanochemistry at the interface of organic synthesis chemistry, polymer chemistry, photophysics and materials science, Robert Göstl supports the quality assurance and scientific orientation of the journal on the editorial advisory board.

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