Annual report 2020


The annual report for the year 2020 is now online. Descriptions of the individual research programs, the Center for Chemical Polymer Technology, the Friends of the German Wool Research Institute Aachen e.V. and the Garg Foundation can be found within the chapter "The Institute".

In the chapter "Highlights" the scientific highlights of the past year are presented: Since the beginning of 2020, the DWI benefits from the expertise of the mechanobiologist Jacopo Di Russo, the students of the Max Planck School Master's program »Matter to Life« visited Aachen, and the Academia Europaea welcomed Stefan Hecht as a new member.
In addition, the DWI has successfully established itself in the Leibniz Association and the Evaluation Commission has explicitly attested that the Institute has set a successful course for the future. Furthermore, we were pleased to welcome two postgraduate scientists, who can pursue their research through an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship.
This is followed by relevant facts and figures on the 5 research programs, further information on the committees, awards, theses, lectures held, patents and publications.

We would like to express our gratitude for the reliable and highly qualified support of our grantors, who make all this possible for us.

Here you can download the annual report. We wish you interesting reading.