Moisture management through hydrogel coatings

Moisture management through supramolecular crosslinkable and self-healing hydrogel coatings based on catechol-linked polymers

The present research project aimed at the development of a hydrophilizing, supramolecular hydrogel coating of aramid, which exceeds the permanence of existing products. The basis was a bioinspired solution for the imitation of adhesive amino acid sequences of the mussel thread, which allow a strong and permanent adhesion of mussels on different surfaces under water. Very hydrophilic 6-arm star polymers based on polyethylene oxide were used as starting material to synthesize novel star-shaped polyethers with adhesive catechol groups at the chain ends.

IGF Forschungsvorhaben 18994

Project Leader

Dr. Jens Köhler

+49 241 80-26438
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