Fields of Impact

The DWI – Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials develops materials with dynamic properties and active functions, following the example of living materials in nature. In order to realize this mission, research at DWI is organized in such a way as to promote the convergence of different scientific disciplines. Scientists from currently five Competences Areas join forces within interdisciplinary research projects that are associated to DWI’s two Fields of Impact, each of them addressing central societal needs: Biomedical Materials and Sustainable Materials.

The excessive overshoot of the amount of natural resources available each year threatens future generations. Petrochemical-based polymers and materials are a major contributor to environmental pollution. The development of sustainable programmable multicomponent materials designed for use in the circular economy and manufactured according to the principles of green chemistry from bio-based starting building blocks using waste-free and energy-efficient synthesis processes is an enormous scientific challenge that our projects in this Field of Impact are addressing.