Processing Biomedical Materials

Working group: RG Wessling

In the TriggerINK project, we are working together in several research groups at DWI to develop new materials for regenerative cartilage damage treatment. The unique combination of chemical synthesis, protein chemistry, process engineering, and cell culture allows us to take a holistic view of biomedical product development in this collaborative project.

In close cooperation with the other research groups, the group of Prof. Matthias Wessling focuses in the TriggerINK project on the process-engineering development and upscaling of production methods for microscopic particles. These generate cell-influencing properties as one ingredient of the regeneration material. In addition, we develop robot-controlled, partially automated operation methods for additive manufacturing of the new material in-vivo. TriggerINK offers a wide range of opportunities for students to work on their theses, student research projects, internships, or as student assistants. Possible topics include microfluidic synthesis of microparticles, upscaling of synthesis methods, construction of 3D printing heads, robot programming, biocompatibility studies on new materials, or CFD-DEM modeling of the processes.

Your tasks and responsibilities:

You will work in an interdisciplinary team of engineers and chemists and work independently on the specifically for you designed project. This includes on the one hand the planning and construction of experimental setups, on the other hand the execution of experiments or simulations. Depending on the specific task, you will select, perform, or coordinate suitable analytical methods.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity to write a thesis, student research project, or project work in an interdisciplinary team
  • Insight into biomedical material development and processing
  • Extensive supervision and support

Your profile:

  • You are studying mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, or a related field and would like to write a thesis or conduct an internship.
  • You are interested in the interface between mechanical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry.
  • You are looking for insights into the development of biomedical materials and devices.
  • You are motivated to familiarize yourself with new areas of expertise and you convince with independent way of working.

If we have raised your interest, contact us and we will tailor a student project according to our research ativity and your ideas.

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If we have raised your interest, contact us and we will tailor a student project according to our research ativity and your ideas.