Membrane development and molecular transport

Working group: RG Wessling

Project Description:

You probably know the most basic definition of a membrane; it resembles a semi-permeable barrier to control mass transport and enable molecular separation. We develop a broad variety of synthetic membranes by creating interactive materials and surfaces to tackle global challenges of the 21st century. To give you just a flavor of what our membranes are capable of, membranes are applied for wastewater and potable water treatment, gas separation, advanced chemical reactor systems, medical applications to assist kidney and lung failure, vaccine purification, among many other application fields. To reach our goals, we find ways for novel membrane synthesis routes, fabrication processes by apply new material classes. Furthermore, we test such membranes in specific applications and explore simulative approaches to generate in-depth understanding of the hydrodynamic flow and molecular transport phenomena inside said application.

On the way to innovative membrane concepts, we have a number of exciting tasks for which we need you and your creative ideas! The range of possible topics is vast, contact us and we will find out in a discussion which topic ideally suits you and your interests.

Your tasks and responsibilities:

As a member of an interdisciplinary team of engineers, biotechnologists, and chemists, you will be responsible for:

Working independently on the discussed topic, planning, designing, and performing necessary experiments as well as coordinating and evaluating appropriate analytical methods.

This is what the task offers you:

  • Work in the future field of electrochemistry
  • Extensive supervision
  • Insight into an exciting and innovative field of research

Your profile:

  • You are studying environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry or a related field.
  • You are motivated and interested in learning a new topic.
  • You are motivated to work in an innovative and exciting research field.
  • You enjoy constructive work and problem solving.
  • Ideally, you already have some previous experience in the laboratory or in CAD.
  • You are looking for insights into the future field of electrochemistry and the design of electrochemical reactors.

If you are open to new challenges, we look forward to receiving your application. Please send your documents, by e-mail only in PDF format, preferably in one file to