Research Group Möller

Macromolecular Chemistry

Our research focusses on the development of new molecular building blocks for cross-linking, as additives for functional properties (flame protection, antimicrobial properties, wettability, adhesion) and for energy uptake (plasmonic colloids) on the one hand. On the other hand, we develop self-assembly processes to synthesize micro- and mesoscopic objects, which are then used as components for additive manufacturing of complex material structures. Structuring (molecules to nano-objects, nano-objects to micro-objects, micro-objects to material) in combination with lithographic and additive manufacturing methods enables to achieve hierarchical control of spatial structure, pore structure and anisotropy, which opens up new roads to designing the various characteristics of a material. Micro-sized building blocks are micelles, vesicles, colloidosomes, nano capsules, microgels and anorganic/ organic hybrid objects. One focus is on water-soluble building blocks and polymers derived from aqueous solution. This concerns the synthesis of very small particles as well as the synthesis of linear and branched macromolecules with functional and reactive side and end groups.

Associated Scientist

Prof. Dr. Martin Möller

+49 241 80-23186
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