Research Programs

DWI's activities focus on five research programmes, each of which addresses key questions for the development of new active and interactive material properties. We work in these areas across groups and bundle the competencies of our scientific leaders in order to exploit interdisciplinary synergies.

Macromolecular Films and Fibers

Functional Surfaces and Interfaces

The research program ‘Macromolecular Films and Fibers’ focuses on steering and exploiting structure formation at surfaces and interfaces that are responsive to external changes in their environment. This is done with a final goal to develop systems that autonomously react towards external stimuli. The research program pays particular attention to films and fibers, approaches to create them and controlling their response. A broad number of approaches are employed to generate surfaces and interfaces spanning from chemical and physical coatings to the introduction of functions by frustration and confinement. The latter relies on the fact that molecules, —three dimensional in nature— have to adapt their conformation and shape to the two dimensional interface. This results in the generation of new structures and functions that only exist at and because of the interface.

Project Leader

Dr. Cesar Rodriguez-Emmenegger

+49 241 80-23362
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Project Leader | Data Protection Commissioner

Dr. Tamás Haraszti

+49 241 80-23149
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