Research Programs

DWI's activities focus on five research programmes, each of which addresses key questions for the development of new active and interactive material properties. We work in these areas across groups and bundle the competencies of our scientific leaders in order to exploit interdisciplinary synergies.

Bioactive and Bioinstructive Materials

Materials designed for active interaction and integration with the biological environment

In this research program, the DWI scientists combine biological with synthetic building blocks exploits the better of two worlds: Building blocks from biology are highly complex yet have high selectivity and are amenable to further engineering to obtain new functions, while materials science provides scalability and customized properties. The scientists achieve unprecedented function in novel interactive biohybrid materials by combining material science with tissue engineering, biotechnology, biochemistry, and synthetic biology. Biohybrid materials are produced for applications with tissues and cells of humans, bacteria, animals or plants. Medical applications include novel drug delivery systems or medical diagnostics, as well as engineering biofunctional surfaces of implants, screening platforms and other medical devices. The scientists also design scaffolds for regenerating or cultivating tissue. Further, biohybrid systems and devices are developed to study biological systems and control the interaction between molecular, structural, and cellular entities.

Vice Scientific Director | Member of the Scientific Board

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann

+49 241 80-23304
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Member of the Scientific Board

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Laura De Laporte

+49 241 80-23309
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Project Leader

Dr. Jose Luis Gerardo Nava

+49 241 80-23164
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