Research Programs

DWI's activities focus on five research programs, each of which addresses key questions for the development of new active and interactive material properties. We work in these areas across groups and bundle the competencies of our scientific leaders in order to exploit interdisciplinary synergies.

Research program

Aqua Materials

Materials formed from or for aqueous systems; chemistry in water
Research program


New chemical syntheses and processes for producing building blocks for interactive materials
Research program

Macromolecular films and fibers

Functional Surfaces and Interfaces
Research program

Transport, Reaction and Exchange Systems

Material systems for controlled transport, reaction, and exchange
Research program

Bioactive and Bioinstructive Materials

Materials designed for active interaction and integration with the biological environment

Other topics

How we work

Center for Chemical Polymer Technology - CPT

The Center for Chemical Polymer Technology (CPT) is a science-oriented analysis and service unit within DWI