Aqua Materials

Water-containing materials formed from aqueous solution, chemistry in aqueous systems

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Microphase- and microfluidic-controlled syntheses and processes

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Macromolecular Films and Interfaces

Surface-controlled functionality

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Transport, Reaction and Exchange Systems

Separation- und Reaktions-kontrollierende Systeme und Prozesse

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Biohybrid Materials for Biological Systems

Biohybrid systems and control of bioreactions in material contact

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schwaneberg, Dr. Felix Jakob and Prof. Dr. Andrij Pich (from left to right) received the Innovation Award 2018. Dr. Christine Schreiber (on the right), Chief editor of BIOspektrum, congratulated them.
Image: Sera Z.Kurc

© Hannah Roth

© Phatcharin Tha-in

© Janine Hillmer / DWI

© Darya Rezynkova

©Darya Rezynkova

Musical director Kazem Abdullah together with Prof. Dr. Martin Möller and Thanh Nguyen (DWI) in front of the DWI, where the concert will take place on June 29.
Image: Darya Reznykova

© Philipp Scheffler

© Wiley-VCH

© Darya Reznykova / DWI

© Darya Reznykova / DWI

A new gel material guides nerve cells: Based on a microscopic image, Dr.-Ing. Laura De Laporte and PhD student Jonas Rose analyze the orientation of nerve cells (red) along the paths provided by gel rods (green).
© J. Hillmer/DWI

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